How does Montessori work within a primary school?


The Montessori curriculum has been matched with the New Zealand curriculum objectives, which means that the New Zealand curriculum is presented within the Montessori framework.


There's a daily, uninterrupted three-hour work cycle, during which children chose work. There's an expectation that each child is engaged in challenging and meaningful activities throughout a work period. There's no choice not to work although it is appreciated that we all need moments of rest and quiet contemplation.


Work is chosen based on lessons that have been presented by a Guide. Although children have freedom to choose their work, they are required to cover all curriculum areas within each week.


The Guides ensure that numeracy and literacy are given priority.


The number of activities completed in a day and the length of time spent on each piece of work depends on the child and his or her individual needs and interests. The Guides observe the children in their decision-making.



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