How will my child mix with the rest of the school?

We strive towards as much integration as possible, while preserving the key elements of Montessori. The class achieves the three-hour work cycle in the morning and joins in with school-wide activities where appropriate in the afternoons. The students share in the school’s facilities and extra-curricular activities. This is designed to help the unit blend into the wider school. The achievement testing carried out in the Montessori unit is held to the minimum required by the Ministry of Education.


Mahurangi Montessori Primary is simply called ‘Room 15’ within the main school. The children join other classes for swimming, singing, assembly and assembly performances, cycling, field trips and more. In addition, they're also active participants in the school house scheme. Many of the Montessori children are members of other school initiatives such as the school choir and Kapa Haka group.


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