The enrolment process varies according to the age and educational background of each child. Most children come to Pakiri Montessori from a Montessori pre-school, but the Pakiri School Board considers applications from children with other educational backgrounds.


Places are offered based on a variety of factors, including the date a child was placed on the waiting list (via the Expression of Interest Form), the child’s history of learning in the Montessori environment, the child’s overall suitability, the gender balance in the classroom and the ability of the school to make places available for siblings.

Process overview

  1. Expression of Interest Form 
  2. Class observation
  3. Information gathered from previous school
  4. Offer of place
  5. Enrolment Form


As a Trust, we raise funds to support Montessori Primary Education in the Mahurangi Region.


Our current focus is supporting the Montessori pathway at Pakiri school and funding transport solutions.


We are committed to:

  • Providing a mentoring relationship for the Montessori guide.
  • Funding training for the Montessori guide and Pakiri school teachers.
  • Maintaining School Membership with the Montessori Association of New Zealand.
  • Meeting our obligations and responsibilities as a charity.

To support these objectives we ask parents to donate to our charity and to help with fundraising initiatives. We request donations of $400 per student per term to support the Trust’s vision and objectives.

More information

For more information please contact us.