Matakana School

Mahurangi Montessori Primary is a special unit within Matakana School. 


Matakana School is a larger rural state primary school. The school roll is sitting at approximately 340 children and is currently restricted by an enrolment limitation scheme.


The children who attend come from a wide range of backgrounds. A significant group of recent enrolments have come from homes in other countries. The diversity of the contributing families is seen as a strength.


The children themselves enjoy school life and have a positive attitude towards the learning process. The parents place a high degree of importance on children's achievement and provide strong support for the school's programme: to develop outstanding resources, to recruit highly motivated staff and to promote strong, professional curriculum delivery.


Matakana School consists of fourteen permanent classrooms, three relocatable classrooms, a resource room, an assembly hall, music room and various other administrative and storage facilities.


The facilities include an adventure playground and a swimming pool in addition to netball courts sited on land alongside the school.


In 2008, the school together with fundraising monies built a 400m fitness track around the perimeter of the school field. This allows the children to utilise the main field even in the wettest of weather.