Science & Technology Day

This term our science day took a Montessori twist - following the interests and strengths of our whanau members, seeing tuakana working with teina and sharing their robotics skills. A very big thank you to parents Renee and Chris for sharing their own knowledge and time with a group of students who built online rockets!


Montessori materials that align with the interests of groups and individuals were explored. This was a great opportunity for students to remember past learning and apply their knowledge as they shared with newer members of our whanau.


And great discussions about our world and our universe resulted from this exploration.


To piece things altogether we revisited previous learning about the creation of the earth and its layers, and used this knowledge to unpack the myth "The Battle of the Mountains". As a suggestion from one of the whanau this battle was recreated by the teina for the tuakana to enjoy.


The newest members of our whanau were able to join us today on our journey and we look forward to the contribution they will bring to our learning.